Action Auto World

Action Auto World

Action Auto World is an all-in-one auto shop based in Voorhees, South Jersey. Whether you need your car repaired or thinking of purchasing a second-hand car, this is a one-stop-shop. The company was established in 1990 by a group of entrepreneurs with a dream. A dream to serve the community with their expertise.

The realization of their dream turned into almost three decades of commitment to providing South Jersey with all their automotive needs. They have different branches to cater to specific demands of car owners:

  • Exotic Auto Works
  • Auto Repair
  • Auto Body Repair
  • Used Auto Sales

Each branch has a team assigned to focus on giving the best possible automotive service. Exotic Auto Works was set up in 2001. This branch of Auto World indulges car owners with luxurious options for their beloved machines. This car shop is packed with state-of-the-art features and top-of-the-line systems just waiting to be installed in an exotic car.

Apart from exotic car tweaks, Auto World is also critically acclaimed for their repair services. Their genuine care for automobiles is reflected in the work they do for their customers. One of the car company’s guarantees is to make your car last longer, which is ultimately the love language of every car owner. Auto World does minor, major repairs and maintenance in a fast-paced but smart way. They do everything with a personal touch. One remarkable thing about their services is the personal touch they put into every project. The crew assesses the condition and evaluates the damages of your car. They conveniently pick up and drop off your vehicle while you wait in the comfort of your home. Photos and email updates are sent to you while your car is under their care. The extra step if for every customers’ peace of mind while you wait for it to be ready for takeoff.

Aside from cars, customers are the center of the business. Every service is configured with the goal of customer satisfaction. Testimonials of happy customers rave about their friendly staff, reliable service, and a company that treats you like you are part of their family. The crew of car mechanics and technicians handle every task with their exceptional skills and experience that trust follows naturally for anyone who patronizes their services.

Don’t let their superior services intimidate you because it is backed up with the most bargain-priced rates. Upon visiting their website, Action Auto World already provides coupons for customers, both old and new, to save money on their car services. Discounts range from 5$ to 50$ off on a number of their offers. Management keeps pricing transparent. Quotes and other pertinent information are made available with an honest and cost-effective guarantee.

With the flutter of automotive shops that come and go, the company wanted to provide the township with a stable and withstanding car company in the area. Their offers and claims are simple and straightforward, yet experiencing their services would unearth its deep substance and flair of touching their customer’s hearts.

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