Bellmawr Plumbing Supply Review

Bellmawr Plumbing Supply Review

Founded in 1951 by Michael Mann, almost 7 decades of dedication has turned this grandfather’s vision into a full-fledged plumbing business. Providing kitchen and bathroom supplies to Bellmawr and neigboring residences, schools, contractors, builders, and renovators — ever since Black Horse Pike was a dirt road. 

As a family-operated business, the torch was passed on from generation after generation, proving that Bellmawr Plumbing Supply, Inc. can transcend through time, even the tough ones. Though business stumbled, Bob Mann, who took over his father’s business, whipped it back into shape. Now, Bob’s son and BPS’s current trailblazer, Matt Mann, helps boost the company back to the grind. The father-son tandem proved to be a dream team. Matt steers the ship while his father always has his hands-on deck makes their venture smooth sailing.

They met troubled waters at the onset of the COVID-19 caused them to trim their sails. While they are considered an essential business, thus was not required to shut down their doors, they still put the safety of their employees first. Out of 7 full-time employees, some were vulnerable to infection, so they applied precautionary measures. The team went on a 10-week work-from-home arrangement, while the father and son duo manned the ship. The kind of compassion towards their employees is a reflection of how the company values its people — over merely generating income. You can expect that they extend the same amount of kindness to their customers. 

As the state has eased up its restrictions, BPS is not taking any chances. Fully-stocked up on masks, disinfectants, cleaning supplies, all while sanitizing the showrooms non-stop, you know you are in the safest hands. Customers have flocked in for virus-related purchases like touchless faucets and fixtures, plastic social distancing screens, and more. They accommodate individual appointments so that anyone who enters their doors would have peace of mind. Even if it means extending their hours, customer satisfaction is the benchmark for BPS. 

For this home-grown plumbing company, ‘expanding’ means more than just opening up branches. They do not want to want to lose strong customer-employee and business-to-business relationships over becoming a massive yet impersonal establishment. Expanding means establishing more connections with local contractors, families, and building lasting and loyal relationships. Their goal is to reach out and help as many customers in the community while giving them professional services that will always hit close to home. 

This brick-and-mortar shop still offers online services like kitchen layouts wherein transactions are done online. They balance it out by encouraging their customers to see the showroom, as it provides a different kind of experience seeing it in the flesh. While this humble company tries to dip their toes into digital marketing, nothing reaches its customers more than word of mouth. They bank on recommendations from satisfied customers. Providing customers with plumbing needs while making it a memorable and delightful experience always generates more customers. 

Bellmawr Plumbing Supply, Inc. continues to go above and beyond in customer service. There’s no telling what the future might bring. Still, the crystal ball says we will see this highly beloved local business making waves for many more generations to come. Matt says, “Many thanks to our customers and support of the years.”

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