Rocart Review

Rocart Review

Rocart is an online gallery for artists to freely express, promote, and make a profit from their masterpieces. It has served as a haven for artists to showcase their work to audiences around the world. 

Ron Elmaleh went from being a collector to being a full-blown proponent of the arts in all its forms. He has always had an excellent eye for spotting unique art and started collecting them after college. His taste in art captured the attention of peers wanting to buy and hang his chosen art in their homes. 

In 2018, his vision had come to life – to set up a virtual space for budding artists to let their creativity shine. Thus, he founded and established a digital domain called Rocart, which is based in the heart of the art industry: New York. He has since been in a constant Switzerland and New York City round trip as a dynamic and dedicated art advocate. 

Being more than just a business, Rocart has revolutionized art galleries as it aims the spotlight on the artists themselves. While mainstream galleries take a massive chunk of an artist’s profit, Rocart charges an extra-low fee for every art piece sold. This online gallery holds the highest of standards but also wants to make artwork accessible by delivering art from the artist’s easel to the customer’s doorstep.

The site is like a blank canvas where an artist can create a page, where they can freely post and manage it themselves. This way, the artist has control over their brand and how they want their image to resonate with audiences and potential customers. This not only liberates an artist’s creativity, while Rocart does most of the marketing. To put their artist collective’s names out there, they make visual content such as videos and share it on different social media platforms like Instagram.

Ron sets his sights on growing the platform exponentially and to feature as many artists and cater to as many aficionados as they can. His goals include using this platform for auctions directed to donate to a good cause. Even just after a couple of years in the trade, they already have artists from 20 countries and 5 continents; currently, their primary consumers come from the US and Europe. The future is bright for Rocart as they plan to expand their reach to every corner of the world! 

With the virus still on the loose, the online gallery still remains on its feet, providing people something to behold amid the chaos. It is solace for anyone who wants to be inspired by the beauty of art right in the comfort of their homes. Rocart is a simple, straightforward, and stunning creative outlet that we see further flourishing in the foreseeable future. You can visit there website at

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