Last Chair Records – One Year Anniversary

Last Chair Records – One Year Anniversary

Last Chair Records to Keep the Music Alive

“I was the last chair” JD Corriea was once placed at the last chair as a saxophone player in a band, he now sits in his own throne in his Music Studio/Record Studio.

Though the story of this recording studio started just last year on September 17, 2019, JD’s fascination for music has spanned further back. His focus started all the way from his college year when he interned for a recording studio in North Jersey called Barbershop. 

What he lacks in the talent aspect of music, he makes up for in his business savvy. JD, a self-confessed oddball and owner of the studio, got all his music and business chops from the things he picked up from years in the Barbershop. The owner of the recording studio, Ryan Barber, paved the way for him to gain a whole new perspective about the music industry. He was a pivotal character in how JD handles the local music labels. 

The competitive industry of music and recording compels the studio to stand out. Their recording studio-slash-music-label is a golden opportunity for local bands and musicians. 

“We are more than just a studio; we are a label.” Since they are in the middle of an area without many options for recording, Last Chair Records holds the door open for aspiring talents to finally get their lucky break. They produce a myriad of music features such as outro to a YouTube video, brand jingle, or podcasts.

The studio is a space that lets talents collaborate, even in the surge of online interactions. They still accommodate online transactions so that the music never stops! Touch-ups, accompaniments, sound layouts, and a whole lot more, JD and team lay out the resources to keep talent and creativity flowing.

Two artists are under their label, one of which is Joey Jingles, who could help produce a tune in as fast as 2 days. A quick turnaround is part of the label’s identity. “We are always ready to do it, even on the weekends,” according to JD. Even with only 4 people under the company name, you can guarantee that they generate at a fast rate.

Colorful genres have graced the sound studio — garage band rock, with the basic drums, bass, guitar, singer formula, school bands, music school auditions, classical artists, solo artists, instrumentalists, bands who are on the road. Last Chair Records strives to give an excellent recording environment for all. 

To allow limitless creative freedom, they offer flexible payment terms for all those who wish to use their space. 

Their marketing has stuck to old-school means by reaching out through networking, contacts, connections, which are organic, local, and homegrown. For JD, “The number one marketing is to start locally.”

Their social media and online presence are still on the works and is currently in the last stages of development. They look forward to the expansion of their website and social media pages. Launching their name in the digital sphere is hopefully in their near future. 

Music has always been around, but as the industry progresses online and evolves with the fast-paced digital age, the studio is excited to follow suit. 

They see both aspects of their business to have a clear path towards success for their studio and the careers of those who sign with them. “It is about helping the local bands around us.”

At their 1-year mark now, Last Chair Record deserves to be put in the digital domain and under the spotlight.

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