Ryan’s Retail Review

Ryan’s Retail Review

This business is a perfect play on words as it unites merchants in Merchantville, New Jersey. Ryan’s Retail has been serving the township for over a year and a half. This flex space allows business owners to split-up and share space for selling products and services. 

Ryan and his wife Stephanie were simply looking for a quaint town to raise their two girls aged 9 and 11. In a work of natural manifestation, Merchantville was the place to check off all their boxes. It was a strategic location with a beautiful backyard, where they could easily walk their kids to school, and everything else was right around the corner. For a 6-year urban planner, Ryan was all about walkable communities, and this block was a window of opportunity. The best of both worlds happened with his home living on top of the business below.

The setting of this space is simple and straightforward. Merchants come to sell their goods in whatever frequency they prefer. There are monthly arrangements where vendors can trade every day of the week, or one can participate in weekend pop-ups and only sell on Saturdays.

This low investment, low commitment scheme is an opportunity to learn and get experience without ripping out your bank account. It serves as the first step to outgrowing that space and eventually blooming to a place to call your own. For a low fee month to month, without contracts and deposits, this is an easy entry for owners to grow and learn. 

It has turned into more than just a moneymaking endeavor. Transforming the strip into a hustling and bustling space of business is the vision! With all the rags-to-riches success and crash-and-burn stories from all the local businesses in the area, Ryan was determined to create his unique success. To do this, he adjusted his concept according to the circumstances. 

The flex space proved to be genuinely flexible as it reopened in a ‘social distancing’ version. Essential items like retail food and farm products and other handmade goods are just some of what their vendors offer. Outside space has also been utilized for a safer, more spread out environment. 

This one-stop-shop is a colorful and fun cornucopia of goods and activities! Aside from honey, soap, pottery, produce, crochet, and more handmade goods, you will also stumble upon non-profit organization providing classes, photographers setting up a shoot, artists putting up galleries, and bands practicing their sets. Ryan’s retail space also accommodates parties, showers, and even organizes live bands for customers to get a buzz out of. You could also rent out a space for business meetings and training, or simply to break the monotony of working at home or an office. 

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