Pro-Spec Painting Corporation

Pro-Spec Painting Corporation

Even though you might not know their name, you might have seen their excellent paint jobs around New Jersey and across the country. Pro-Spec Painting Corporation has been transforming the interiors and exterior of commercial buildings for 40 years. General Manager, Ron Yarbrough is here to discuss their impressive track record, unique services and the impact of COVID-19.

Pro-Spec Painting Corporation is based in Vineland, NJ and was founded in 1980. At first, they performed new construction painting in the New Jersey area. In the 1990’s they “branched out to do very large painting projects with a national presence,” Yarbrough explained. And as he put it earlier in the interview, “We love working in New Jersey, but we will go anywhere if the job is large enough.” Check out their website here: Pro Spec Painting Corporation

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Their national aspirations have gotten them to paint NFL football stadiums, as well as baseball parks and arenas. Ever wondered who paints the Houston Astros Ballpark, SBC Arena or Pittsburg Stadium? Yep, it’s Yarbrough and his team.

They recently got certified to work on New Jersey and state DOT projects such as small bridges, water tanks, water treatment plants and industrial coatings. “Over the many years, we’ve had our hand in all aspects of commercial and industrial painting,” Yarbrough beamed.

Yarbrough said the national-level success came with the help of “a team of a handful of core people that believe in the vision” of the company. Being a part of painting jobs that people see around New Jersey is “just so rewarding for the employees that work on these jobs.”

It is no doubt that they have a lot of expertise and experience. And they get a lot of clients from word of mouth, which is backed by 40 years’ worth of completed projects.

In the last 4-5 years, the company has seen a lot of organic traffic come in through their website. Yarbrough attributes this to the range of unique services that they offer, including sandblasting, industrial coatings, lead abatement and “certain types of epoxy coatings and linings.” “Not a lot of companies are doing those types of heavy industrial and heavy commercial painting,” he explained.

They have a well-defined niche with low competition and potential customers who know who to ask and how to search for the kind of services that Pro-Spec Painting Corporation offers. So, when customers in New Jersey go out looking, particularly on the internet, they usually land on the company’s doorstep.

But what about the impact of COVID? Yarbrough said the pandemic “has substantially hurt the business” on the commercial side.

They have ongoing projects called “service accounts” from the Pre-COVID era, which bring in great revenue. They have completed none this year. Yarbrough explained, “We have school contracts that are service accounts that we would normally do 5 or 6 schools a year, but schools are closed.” So, there’s no action as far as service contracts are concerned.

Despite this, Yarbrough is optimistic and looks forward to a “super year next year.” Since Pro-Spec Painting Corporation is a scalable company, they can take on any work. And he is confident they will be “there to service the accounts and, hopefully, to pick up the pent-up demand.”

There’s no doubt next year will be super for the company. They have a lot going on, with their full spectrum of commercial and industrial painting services, passionate employees and scalable approach to business.

You will still be seeing their impressive paint jobs in New Jersey and around the country for years to come.

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